If you have the skills required to prep, cut and install traditional 2D tile designs, you already have all the skills required to prep, cut and install stunning 3D tile designs like this.

In fact, with BreakThru Backers ™ from 3D Stone and Tile, most 3D tile installations require only one additional step beyond the normal installation process: adhering the backer to the tile with thin set before cutting individual pieces to size.

Watch the short video below featuring 3D Stone and Tile founder, Rod Katwyk to see just how fast and simple it really is.

Simply select a design from one of our 6(?) standard offerings below (or create one of your own), then enter the estimated square feet into our Order Calculator to determine the best package.

Once your BreakThru Backers arrive, the only additional step you you won’t believe how simple and fast it is to apply them to your tile

Imagine the growth in your tile installation business