A New Dimension in Tile Design

Imagine the arresting visual allure and dramatic architectural impact made possible by bringing a third dimension to specialty stone and tile installations.


Adding the third dimension of depth to a stone or tile installation leverages the dramatic appeal of texture, shadows, shapes, reflection and light to facilitate flow, create energy and bring a sense of drama to almost any space.  

That’s the future made possible with 3D Stone & Tile’s innovative products – from our stunning “ready-to-install” designer lines to our patented  Breakthru Backers™ --  a family of proprietary, lightweight tile backers that can be quickly and easily applied to virtually any tile or stone material to create totally custom 3D installations.

The result? A fundamental break through in tile and architectural design for both commercial and residential applications.

It's the third dimension of depth that transforms almost anything from "flat" to "Interesting."

Isn’t it time for tile lovers everywhere to “Break Thru” to the stunning beauty and design possibilities of 3D Stone and Tile?