Our Story

In the past, the only alternative for creating true 3D stone and tile installations involved the purchase of ultra-expensive stone or tile that had been specially-milled to create pre-cut wedges or pieces of alternating thickness – a fact that nearly drove innovative tile installers like Rod Katwyk out of his mind.

After all, why should such stunning and dramatic design possibilities be limited to only the highest of high-end installations and only a few marginal options for material and designs?

So Rod set out to find another way:  a way that led to the founding of 3D Stone and Tile, and the development of a line of revolutionary, patented called BreakThru Backers ™.

BreakThru Backers give designers, architects and tile installers the means to create an almost infinite variety of 3D tile designs that can be realized at a fraction of their previous cost.  And with the same simple and time-proven installation approach already used by tile professionals everywhere.

Best of all, design options are not limited by the availability of a few custom lines, but can include the use of virtually any material -- from tile, glass, and mirror to natural stone, wood, metal and more.